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Brand yourself while collecting leads & adding value to your clients.

Did you know 74% of all home buyers & sellers just interview ONE agent?

Taking the extra step makes you a differentiator when clients compare you with you competitor. Kaydoh's instant on-demand home overview snaphot reports, puts your name in front with every report they get. As they research their home's value or prospective new homes, you keep a pulse on them and ready to engage.

How it works

It's easy because you already have all the pieces in place.

Just add a quick line of text to your existing marketing materials, business card, web site or social media. Your clients text, CMA , to your phone number. Our automated texting system will guide them through the steps to get an instant overview home snapshot report with all your branded info via text. 

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text: DEMO tO: 408.628.1243 (use any San Jose, CA address) 

Customer gets:

  • Instant personalized home analysis report

Agent auto captures:

  • Name
  • Mobile Numbr
  • Address
  • Know if its a Buyer or Seller
  • Qualify lead through automated followup
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45% of clients don't use the same agent Dare to be different ! 

Instant Text CMA Reports

By sending a single text, get accurate home sales, quick CMAs and property details

95% SMS Open Rates

Most leads prefer to be texted than called. 

Close More Sales Than Ever 

 Focus on retaining clients that yield stronger returns vs spending money to find new clients

Sign me up and start receiving leads & add value to my clients !

Rave Reviews From Our Users. 

"Elegance in its simplicity is fantastic and more interactive than any other product I have used."

— Angelo Gallo, Regional Sales Manager, Century 21 M&M

"This tool keeps my brand on top of mind, with an interactive personalized experience my competitors can't match ... amazing tool few agents have."

- Carlos Garcia - Real Estate Agent , Century 21 M&M

Your in Great Company !

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